"Don´t grow up! It´s a trap!"

" Music is love, love is life , life is every day new!" 


Aus dem Song:  It´s up to you 

 „ One small explaination narrowed my infinited world!“ 

„ So we´re taught limitation. Univited it creeps inside!“ 

„ Trust in yourself instead of your money!“ 

„ Trust in your friends instead of unreal things & facebook!“ 

 „ It´s up to you!“ Love Crown „Inspired by you“ 

Aus dem Song: Without Companion 

 „I need the silence to listen.“ 

 „ I need the darkness to see.“ 


Aus dem Song:  

„ Never smile when you want to cry!“ 


Aus dem Song: I´ll be up there 

 „ Don´t you know it is dark down there, but I´ll be up there.“ 

 „ I take my pain and turn it into strenght.“ 

„ Rules are in my life, as many as I met people in my life. So I break them, won´t let them brak me !“ 

„ I ´ll be up there!“

 Aus dem Song:  Promised things 

 „ Where are you, where are you? You promised to always be there.“ 

 „I know this love was worth living!“ 

 Aus dem Song:  Are we dying 

 „Are we dying? And all we had? Are we losing those dreams and plans?“ 

„ If I´m asking my heart it still feels alright! „ 

„ I´m talking to you know not using a word, I hope you´ll understand!“ 

Aus dem Song: : Rain for Carla 

 „ You always get rain when you had sunshine.“ 

 „All you do is you smile at me and speak with you those tears in your eyes.“ 

„ Those tears in your eyes- they make me cry. Do you think I wouldn´t see- nothings fine at all!“ 

 Aus dem Song: Broken

„Runing. Runing. Runing. Fast as I can, imagine. No destination. 

Need to be somewhere. Where you can´t follow!- I´m Broken. 

 Aus dem Song:  On the ground 

 „ Noone can bring me down, ´cause I´m already on the ground!“ 

„Can you see who I am, cause I forgot and maybe I´ve never known!“ 

„Do you know what it is like to never feel satisfied, when you feel small- 

not good enought at all.“ „Can we stop this game a while? Pretending & lying! I´m so tierd!!!“



2005-2009 Rock-Pop Gesangsausbildung Kathrin Giese 

2005-2006 Darstellendes Spiel Petra Rauch 

2009-2010 Klassik & Musical Gesang Barbara Ehwald 

2009-2010 Tanzausbildung Balett-Centrum & Musical-Schule Berlin


Parnell Allen, Christopher Matt,… 

2010 Vocal & Stage -Coaching Katja Lehmann 

2011-2012 Masterclass Gesang Rock-Pop Schule Berlin 

2012 Ballett Saskia Klepsch 2012 Diplom-Workshop 

„Free your Voice“ Kate Hall 

2013-2015 Studienvorbereitende Ausbildung Fachbereich: Rock-Pop 

Staatliche Musikschule Berlin-Kreuzberg        

Stimmbildung & Interpretation:  Matthias Tost 

Klavier & Komposition:   Robert Matt 

Performance & Ensemble:  Robert Matt 

2014-2015 Stimmenergetics – ganzheitliche Stimm- und Energie-Arbeit Katharina Felice 

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