Felice – Keep Me Where The Light Is (Album 2022)


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Felice produced her first solo album together with the famous Berlin producer Thommy Hein.

Over The Course Of Several Weeks, The Two Immersed Themselves In The Emotional World Of Felice’s Songs In The Berlin Studio On Hasenheide. They Created A Completely New And Exciting World Of Sound & Feeling. Each Song Has Its Own Story And Accordingly This Story Had To Be Translated Into Sound & Feeling. That Was The Challenge. A Touch Of Disney, Big Ballads And Cool Soul, A Touch Of Rock Poured Over With Authenticity. If You Listen To The Album, You Will Probably Recognize Yourself, Because The Songs Are Right Out Of Life. But Above All We Get To Know Felice, Because She Processes Her Encounters, Her Demons And Her Experiences To The Title Music Of Her Life.

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  1. 6. June 2022

    Das ist echt ein tolles Album! Ich höre es gerade auf Dauerschleife!
    Vielen Dank Felice für diese wundervolle Musik 🙂

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